Air Waves

Air Waves is an accomplished artist known for their unique blend of indie rock and dream pop. With a discography spanning over a decade, they have established themselves as a prominent figure in the music industry. Drawing inspiration from various genres, Air Waves creates captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with listeners.

Similar to *Alex Bleeker & The Freaks*, *Woods*, and *Papercuts*, Air Waves has carved out their own distinct sound that sets them apart from their peers. Their music evokes a sense of nostalgia while still feeling fresh and innovative. Fans of *Eternal Summers* and *The Babies* will appreciate Air Waves' ability to craft catchy hooks and infectious rhythms.

In addition to their solo work, Air Waves has collaborated with notable artists such as *Sonny & The Sunsets* and *Cass McCombs*. Their collaborations showcase their versatility as musicians and further solidify their status within the industry. With influences ranging from *Lower Dens* to *Frankie Rose*, Air Waves continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories.


Air Waves
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