Akiko Yano

Akiko Yano, born as Akiko Suzuki on 13 February 1955 in Tokyo, is a renowned Japanese artist. She studied jazz piano in high school and released her first album, "Japanese Girl," in 1976. With her unique blend of a wispy, girlish voice and the ability to improvise on the piano, Yano stood out from the Japanese pop scene at that time. She gained international recognition as she toured worldwide with Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) as their support keyboardist. Yano's collaborations include working with Little Feat on the West Coast and recording with UK rock band Japan.

After separating from Ryuichi Sakamoto, her former husband and musical partner, Yano moved to New York in the '90s where she continues to perform regularly and collaborate with various musicians primarily in the jazz genre. Her music has garnered a dedicated following both in Japan and abroad.

In addition to her successful career as an artist, Yano is also known for being the mother of Miu Sakamoto alias Sister M. Her unique style has influenced many artists including Tomoyo Harada, Sketch Show, Chu Kosaka, Minako Yoshida, Cornelius, and more.


Akiko Yano
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