Alan Licht

Alan Licht is an improv guitarist and a member of avant-garde rock acts such as Run On, Love Child, and Blue Humans. With influential recordings like "The Evan Dando of Noise?" and "A New York Minute," this Jersey-born artist has become a seminal figure in New York's art music scene.

His unique style and collaborations with artists like *The Shadow Ring*, *Bill Orcutt*, *Phill Niblock*, *Chris Corsano*, and many others have garnered him critical acclaim. Known for his experimental approach to guitar playing, Licht's work pushes the boundaries of traditional music genres.

If you enjoy the sounds of artists such as *David Grubbs*, *The Dead C*, *Steve Roden*, or *Philip Jeck,* then Alan Licht's innovative compositions will surely captivate your musical sensibilities. His contributions to the field have influenced notable musicians including members of the bands *No-Neck Blues Band* and *Wolf Eyes*.


Alan Licht
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