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Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron is an Australian musician, singer, and songwriter. He gained recognition for his solo career as a high-concept act, initially portraying a failed entertainer. Alongside his solo work, Cameron is also a member of the band Seekae. During live performances, he often collaborates with saxophonist Roy Molloy.

In 2013, Cameron independently released his debut album "Jumping the Shark" for free on his website. The album gained a cult following and was later reissued by Secretly Canadian in 2016 to reach a wider audience.

Following the success of his debut album, Cameron released his second studio album "Forced Witness" in 2017. The album featured contributions from Molloy as well as other artists such as Flowers, Olsen, and Jonathan Rado. In September 2019, he released his third studio album "Miami Memory".


Alex Cameron
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