Alice Russell

Alice Russell is a British soul singer, born in 1975. Growing up in Framlingham, Suffolk, she was surrounded by music from an early age as her father was an organist. With a powerful and soulful voice, Alice has captivated audiences around the world with her unique blend of jazz, funk, and R&B.

Her music draws inspiration from various genres and artists such as The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Kinny, Nostalgia 77, and many more. Alice's collaborations with these talented performers have resulted in incredible musical experiences that showcase her versatility as an artist.

With a career spanning over two decades, Alice Russell has released several critically acclaimed albums and singles. Her distinctive voice and emotive performances have earned her a dedicated fan base who eagerly anticipate each new release. Whether performing live or recording in the studio, Alice continues to push boundaries and create soulful music that resonates with listeners worldwide.


Alice Russell
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