Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin is a Brazilian electronic artist born on 7 February 1972 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He began his career under the pseudonym Cujo in the mid-1990s while living in Brighton, UK. After releasing several singles and EPs, he gained recognition with his album "Adventures In Foam" (1996). Tobin then switched to using an abbreviation of his own name and signed with Ninja Tune label until 2015's release. Since 2019, he has been releasing music on his own label, Nomark Records.

Tobin's musical journey has evolved from solo creations to collaborations with various artists who have contributed live instruments to his latest albums. His live shows have also transformed over time and have been featured in TV programs, films, and computer games.

After residing in Brighton for a long period, Tobin moved to Montreal in 2002 to avoid noise complaints after dark. Later in 2008, he relocated once again to San Francisco to explore new horizons.


Amon Tobin
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