Anna Von Hausswolff

Anna Von Hausswolff is a Swedish artist known for her exceptional talent as a singer, pianist, organist, and songwriter. Born on September 6, 1986 in Gothenburg, Sweden, she comes from a family with a rich musical background. Her father is the renowned musician Carl Michael Von Hausswolff and her sister is Maria Von Hausswolff. With her unique blend of haunting vocals and mesmerizing melodies, Anna has captivated audiences worldwide.

Anna's music transcends genres, effortlessly combining elements of classical music, experimental rock, and darkwave. Her powerful voice resonates deeply with listeners, evoking raw emotions and creating an immersive experience. Whether performing on piano or organ, Anna's mastery of these instruments adds depth and richness to her compositions.

With several critically acclaimed albums under her belt, Anna continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions in the music industry. Her innovative approach to songwriting has earned her numerous accolades and a dedicated fan base. Experience the captivating artistry of Anna Von Hausswolff through her thought-provoking lyrics and enchanting performances.


Anna Von Hausswolff
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