Antena is a French-Belgian synthpop trio known for their influential debut album, Camino Del Sol, released in 1982. Their unique sound and style have made them a standout in the music industry. Although subsequent Antena albums feature Isabelle Powaga, they do not include Fasy or Moiroud.

With their catchy melodies and innovative use of synthesizers, Antena has captivated audiences worldwide. Their music has inspired many artists in the genre, including *Anna Domino*, *Virna Lindt*, and *Marine Girls*. Fans of *Lizzy Mercier Descloux*, *The Durutti Column*, and *Saâda Bonaire* will also appreciate Antena's distinctive sound.

Other notable artists who share similarities with Antena include *Algebra Suicide*, *Arthur Russell*, and *Isabelle Antena*. For fans of experimental music, bands like *The Cleaners From Venus*, *Young Marble Giants*, and *Deux Filles* offer a similar experience. Additionally, if you enjoy the electronic sounds of groups like ESG, Chris & Cosey, or Gina X Performance, you'll find something to love in Antena's discography.


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