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Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin is a UK electronic musician who was born on August 18, 1971 in Limerick, Ireland. He co-founded the Rephlex label in 1991 and has released numerous albums and EPs under various aliases on labels such as Warp Records. His releases like "Come to Daddy" (1997) and "Windowlicker" (1999) achieved chart success in the UK. In 2015, he won a Grammy Award for Best Dance / Electronica Album. The iconic Aphex Twin logos were designed by an artist named Richard D. James.

Known for his innovative sound and experimental approach to music production, Aphex Twin has been a prominent figure in the electronic music scene since the mid-1990s. With his unique blend of genres and boundary-pushing compositions, he continues to inspire and influence musicians around the world.

Whether you're a long-time fan or new to his music, explore Aphex Twin's extensive discography and discover why he is considered one of the most influential electronic musicians of our time.


Aphex Twin
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