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Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell was an American cellist, composer, and artist. Born on May 21, 1951 in Oskaloosa, Iowa, he began studying the cello and writing his own music at a young age. In the early 1970s, Russell moved to California where he studied Indian music and collaborated with Allen Ginsberg. He later relocated to New York City and contributed to various musical projects with renowned artists such as David Byrne and Peter Zummo.

Russell's groundbreaking career included producing disco singles like "Kiss Me Again" and "Is It All Over My Face". In 1982, he co-founded Sleeping Bag records and released his album "24-24 Music". Throughout the mid-1980s, Russell continued to experiment with different genres while captivating audiences with his performances on cello accompanied by innovative effects.

Tragically, Arthur Russell passed away from AIDS-related illnesses in April 1992. His deeply personal songs left a lasting impact on the music industry. A documentary titled "Wild Combination: A Portrait Of Arthur Russell" was released in 2008 to honor his remarkable contributions.


Arthur Russell
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