At The Gates

At The Gates is a highly influential metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Formed in 1990, they are often considered the pioneers of "Gothenburg metal" or melodic death metal style. Although they disbanded in 1996, the band reformed in 2007 and has been active ever since.

The current line-up consists of *Tomas Lindberg* on vocals since 1990, *Jonas Björler* on bass since 1990, *Adrian Erlandsson* on drums since 1990, *Martin Larsson* on guitar since 1993, and *Anders Björler* on guitar from 1990 to 2017 and again from 2022 onwards.

Known for their unique sound and intense performances, At The Gates has influenced countless other bands in the genre. Some similar artists include Hypocrisy, Entombed, Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Dark Tranquillity, The Crown, The Haunted,Vader,Carcass,Kataklysm ,Unleashed ,Deicide,Dismember,Malevolent Creation,Morbid Angel ,Dissection ,Obituary,Bolt Thrower,Nile,and Grave.


At The Gates
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