Formed in Toronto, Canada, Austra has evolved from more straightforward pop beginnings into a project that is well regarded for blending avant garde production techniques with techno and darkwave influences and strongly queer and feminist themes. Founded by composer, singer-songwriter, and producer Katie Stelmanis in 2009, she is the only permanent member of the project, with a rotating live band that has included Maya Postepski on drums, Dorian Wolf on bass and Moog, and Ryan Wonsiak on keyboards.

Austra's music explores unique sonic landscapes while addressing important social issues. With a distinctive sound that combines elements of pop, techno, and darkwave genres,Austra creates an immersive experience for listeners. Their thought-provoking lyrics delve into queer and feminist themes, giving voice to marginalized communities.

Their live performances are known for their energy and passion as they bring their innovative sound to audiences around the world. As an artist who pushes boundaries both musically and socially,Austra continues to captivate fans with their powerful performances.


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