Ava Luna

Ava Luna is a US pop rock band hailing from Brooklyn, New York. With their unique blend of genres and captivating performances, they have become a prominent force in the music scene. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Deradoorian, Dirty Projectors, and Deerhoof, Ava Luna's sound is characterized by its experimental nature and infectious energy.

Known for their dynamic live shows and charismatic stage presence, *Ava Luna* has gained a loyal following of fans who are drawn to their electrifying performances. Their music combines elements of pop, rock, and indie with intricate harmonies and catchy melodies that leave audiences wanting more.

Sharing stages with notable acts like Tune-Yards, Guerilla Toss, and Speedy Ortiz has allowed *Ava Luna* to further establish themselves as an influential presence in the industry. Their discography includes critically acclaimed albums such as "Carlos Truly" and "Omni," which showcase their ability to push boundaries while maintaining a distinct sound.


Ava Luna
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