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Bad Religion

Bad Religion is a punk/rock band that was formed in 1980 in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA. The band was founded by Greg Graffin (vocals), Brett Gurewitz (guitar), Jay Ziskrout (drums), and Jay Bentley (bass) when they were all teenagers. Throughout their career, Graffin has remained the only consistent member of the band, although Bentley and Gurewitz have participated for significant periods of time. Known for their rapid-fire songs with melodic edges and strong backing harmonies, Bad Religion released their first record, a self-titled EP, in 1981 on Epitaph Records. They went on to release several albums with varying lineups and faced both critical acclaim and backlash along the way.

In 1983, Bad Religion released "Into The Unknown", which had a different sound compared to their previous work due to its keyboard-heavy prog rock influence. This album received considerable backlash from fans and was pulled off record store shelves shortly after its release. Despite these challenges, the band persevered and reformed with new members in subsequent years.

Over the years, Bad Religion experienced lineup changes as well as tensions within the group. However, they continued to release albums and tour consistently since returning to Epitaph Records in 2001. Their music continues to resonate with fans who appreciate their unique blend of punk rock energy with melodic elements


Bad Religion
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