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Beechwood is an original rock and roll group from NYC formed in 2012. Carrying the torch of such infamous bands like *The Rolling Stones*, *The Kinks*, and *The Velvet Underground*, Beechwood's music stems from a tradition originated in good ol' fashioned juvenile delinquency. The trio consists of Lawrence on vocals and guitar, Tineo on drums, and Manzanares on bass.

Lawrence plays and sings with a mix of the sensitivity of artists such as *Bob Dylan* or *Leonard Cohen*, with the visceral aggressiveness of the Raw Power-era Stooges. Tineo matches Lawrence's style, playing drums with a style that often leaves hands bloodied and drum heads dismembered. And bassist Manzanares, the quiet one of the group, leaves people in awe over the authority he demonstrates over his instrument, all the while wondering whether he's a boy or a girl.

If you enjoy artists like Magon, The Proper Ornaments, Nick Wheeldon, or Johnny Mafia, then you'll definitely want to check out Beechwood's unique sound. Their raw energy combined with their musical prowess sets them apart from other contemporary rock bands.


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