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Biff Bang Pow!

Biff Bang Pow! were an indie pop band from London, England, active between 1983 and 1991. Known for their catchy melodies and jangly guitar sound, they were part of the vibrant indie scene in the UK during the 80s. Influenced by bands like *The Weather Prophets* and *The June Brides*, Biff Bang Pow! created a unique blend of pop and alternative rock.

During their career, Biff Bang Pow! released several albums and singles that gained them a dedicated following. Their music resonated with fans who appreciated their heartfelt lyrics and infectious hooks. Songs like "There Must Be a Better Life" and "Love's Going Out of Fashion" showcased their ability to craft memorable tunes with a touch of melancholy.

In addition to their own recordings, Biff Bang Pow! also collaborated with other artists from the indie scene, such as *The Brilliant Corners* and *Mighty Mighty*. Their contributions helped shape the sound of indie pop during this era.


Biff Bang Pow!
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