Big Star

Big Star is an American rock band that was founded in 1971 in Memphis, Tennessee. Although they disbanded in 1974, they later reformed in 1993. The band consisted of Alex Chilton on vocals, Chris Bell on guitar and vocals, Andy Hummel on bass and vocals, and Jody Stephens on drums. Sadly, both Chilton and Hummel passed away in 2010, but Stephens continues to keep the Big Star legacy alive.

With their unique sound and influential music, Big Star made a significant impact on the rock genre during their active years. Their songs showcased powerful vocals from Chilton and Bell while also incorporating catchy guitar riffs and harmonies. Despite their initial lack of commercial success, Big Star gained a cult following over time.

In recent years, Jody Stephens has resurfaced as the only surviving original member of Big Star. His dedication to preserving the band's legacy has led to continued recognition for their contributions to rock music. Fans can still enjoy the timeless music created by this iconic American rock band.


Big Star
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