Black Market Brass

Black Market Brass is a revolutionary group that combines global funk with intense, sinister sounds. With distortion on the keyboards and guitar, their electric elements create a unique and captivating experience. Their hard-driving rhythms pull together older traditions of Afro Funk, Nola Brass, and southern college bands with a modern vision. They have been compared to artists such as *The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble*, *The Sorcerers*, and *Polyrhythmics*. If you're looking for something truly innovative and boundary-pushing in the world of brass music, look no further than Black Market Brass.

Black Market Brass started out with a more global funk approach but has evolved into something entirely their own. Their sound is unlike anything else we've ever heard from a group with "brass" in their name. The combination of distorted keyboards and guitar alongside the straight ahead fire of the horns creates an electrifying atmosphere that will leave you wanting more.

Influenced by older traditions of Afro Funk, Nola Brass, and even southern college bands, Black Market Brass brings these influences into the 21st century with their innovative vision. Their music is intense, driving, and full of energy - perfect for those who crave a fresh take on brass music.


Black Market Brass
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