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Blur is an indie rock/pop band from London, England. Formed in 1989 as Seymour, the band consists of Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon (1989-2002, 2008- ), Alex James, and Dave Rowntree. Initially influenced by bands like The Stone Roses and My Bloody Valentine, Blur later reinvented themselves with a retro spectrum of British rock and pop music. Their album "Parklife" played a pivotal role in the Britpop cultural movement that swept across the UK. Over the years, Blur has evolved their sound to encompass diverse influences from around the world.

Throughout their career, Blur has released several successful albums including "Modern Life Is Rubbish", "The Great Escape", and "Think Tank". They have also explored experimental art rock elements reminiscent of their early days as an indie artrock group called Seymour. Noteworthy live and session members include Wayne Hernandez on lead vocals with backing choirs since 1997 and Simon Tong who replaced Coxon for a tour in 2003-04.

In February 2015, Blur surprised fans with news of a new album titled "The Magic Whip" which was released on April 25th of that year. With their ever-evolving sound and continued creativity, Blur remains an influential force in the music industry.


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