Blut Aus Nord

Blut Aus Nord is a French black metal band that was originally formed in 1993 as a solo project by Vindsval. After releasing two demos under a different name, the band changed its name to Blut Aus Nord. They signed with Impure Creations Records and released their debut album "Ultima Thulée" in 1995, featuring Nahaim on bass and keyboards. The following year, they released "Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers of the Icy Age" with session musician Taysiah on vocals.

Since then, Blut Aus Nord has been consistently releasing albums and EPs. Their current line-up includes Vindsval on vocals and guitar, W.d.Feld on drums and keyboards, Thorns on drums, and GhÖst on bass. Known for their atmospheric soundscapes and intense compositions, Blut Aus Nord has gained recognition in the black metal scene.

If you enjoy bands like Darkspace, Drudkh, or Leviathan, you will appreciate the unique style of Blut Aus Nord. With influences ranging from ambient music to avant-garde black metal, their music offers a captivating blend of darkness and experimentation.


Blut Aus Nord
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