Borknagar is a progressive metal band from Bergen, Norway. Formed in 1994 by guitarist Øystein G. Brun, the band set out to challenge the boundaries of traditional black metal. With members recruited from renowned bands such as Enslaved, Gorgoroth, Arcturus, Immortal, and Ulver, Borknagar quickly established themselves as a brilliant and sophisticated anomaly in the metal scene.

After signing with Century Media in 1996, Borknagar released their debut self-titled album followed by "The Olden Domain" in 1997. The latter earned them critical acclaim and led to a European tour supporting In Flames. Over the years, the band went through lineup changes but continued to push musical boundaries with albums like "Quintessence" (2000) and "Empiricism" (2001), both nominated for prestigious awards in Norway.

In recent years, Borknagar has released highly acclaimed albums like "Universal" (2010) featuring guest appearances by I.C.S Vortex and embarked on successful tours worldwide. With their unique blend of progressive elements and atmospheric melodies, Borknagar remains at the forefront of the progressive metal genre.


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