Boulevards is a funk artist hailing from Raleigh, NC. With a sound reminiscent of *Art Tucker* and *4 Graduates*, Boulevards brings an infectious energy to the stage. Influenced by artists such as *Izo FitzRoy* and *Frankie & the Darvels*, Boulevards' music combines groovy beats with soulful melodies. Drawing inspiration from legends like *Lee Fields* and *Buddy Britten*, Boulevards has created a unique blend of funk that captivates audiences worldwide. With tracks that rival the likes of *Orgone* and *The Buttshakers*, Boulevards continues to push boundaries in the genre. Don't miss out on experiencing the electrifying performances of this rising star.

Known for their dynamic live shows, Boulevards has shared stages with notable acts like *Richie Cordell* and *Monophonics*. Their energetic performances have garnered them a dedicated fan base who can't get enough of their high-energy funk tunes. Whether it's their collaboration with artists like *Dr Rubberfunk* or their own original compositions, Boulevards always delivers an unforgettable experience.

If you're a fan of artists such as *Kendra Morris* or groups like *Scone Cash Players*, then you'll definitely want to check out Boulevards' music. From catchy hooks to irresistible dance rhythms, each track showcases their undeniable talent and passion for funk music. So


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