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Obscure Krautrock band, *Brainticket*, emerged from a 60's jazz group led by Belgian born keyboardist Joel Vandroogenbroeck. Based in Switzerland, they are hailed as pioneers of early European psychedelic and spaced-out cosmic music. Throughout the early 1970s, Brainticket showcased their unique sound with exotic instruments and jazz-inspired compositions. Despite lineup changes over the years, Vandroogenbroeck remained the sole constant member until his passing in 2019.

The band initially went by another name but eventually became known as *Brainticket* after releasing their debut album in 1971. The album caused controversy due to its association with psychedelic drugs and was even banned in some countries. Following the tragic death of guitarist [a442103], Vandroogenbroeck relocated to Italy where he met American musician Carole Muriel. Together with Swiss musicians Rolf Hug and Martin Sacher, along with percussionist Barni Palm, they released the more accessible and song-oriented album "Psychonaut" in 1972.

Brainticket's progressive journey continued with collaborations such as the rock opera *Orfeo9* before delving into an ambitious project based on the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Their acclaimed release "Celestial Ocean" (1973) depicted Egyptian kings traversing space and time from deserts to pyramids. After disbanding for a period


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