Brian Wilson

American songwriter, producer, arranger and musician, Brian Wilson is best known as the co-founder and leader of The Beach Boys. Born on June 20, 1942 in Inglewood, California, USA. From late 1964 to 1979, Wilson was married to Marilyn Rovell, with whom he had daughters Carnie and Wendy who became members of both The Wilsons and Wilson Phillips. He is the son of Audree Neva Korthof and Murry Gage Wilson. Brian is also the brother of Dennis Wilson and Carl Wilson, as well as cousin of Mike Love.

Brian Wilson's unique musical style has influenced countless artists across genres. His innovative approach to songwriting and production has made him a true icon in the music industry. With his bandmates in The Beach Boys, he created timeless hits like "Good Vibrations," "God Only Knows," and "Wouldn't It Be Nice." His intricate harmonies and lush arrangements have become synonymous with the sound of California pop.

In addition to his work with The Beach Boys, Brian has collaborated with various musicians throughout his career. Some notable artists include Harry Nilsson, Emitt Rhodes, Todd Rundgren, Van Dyke Parks, Big Star,and many more. His influence can be heard in their music as they share a similar creative spirit.


Brian Wilson
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