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bvdub is Brock Van Wey, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. Devoting his life to the SF rave scene in the late 80's, he began to DJ and promote his own deep house and ambient events in 1991. After rising for 10 years, he decided to escape the state of a scene he could no longer accept and embarked on a self-imposed exile to China in 2001, which lasted until 2015.

In 2006, bvdub started producing his own music and released his first track in 2007 on Night Drive Music. His emotionally charged sound quickly gained recognition as it spread through labels like Styrax, Millions of Moments, Southern Outpost, Meanwhile, n5MD, Glacial Movements, AY, Darla, Echospace, Kompakt and many more.

Brock has also released music under his given name as Earth House Hold (deep house) and as East Of Oceans (drum & bass). With an impressive discography spanning various genres within electronic music such as deep house and drum & bass alongside his trademark ambient onslaughts; bvdub continues to captivate listeners with his unique soundscapes.


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