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Cactus is a US hard rock / blues rock band from the 1970s. Known for their energetic performances and powerful sound, they have left an indelible mark on the music scene. Influenced by legendary artists such as *Mountain*, *Beck, Bogert, Appice*, and *Frijid Pink*, Cactus has created a unique blend of heavy riffs and soulful melodies.

With their raw and gritty style, Cactus has captivated audiences around the world. Their music embodies the spirit of classic rock, drawing inspiration from bands like *West, Bruce & Laing*, *Humble Pie*, and *Spooky Tooth*. Fans of hard-hitting blues-infused rock will find solace in Cactus' discography.

Sharing stages with iconic acts such as *Trapeze*, *Iron Butterfly*, and *The Groundhogs*, Cactus has solidified their place in rock history. Their electrifying live performances have earned them a dedicated following. For fans of bands like *Savoy Brown* and *Atomic Rooster*, Cactus offers an exhilarating musical experience that will leave you craving more.


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