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Calexico is an American band from Tucson, Arizona that has been making music since 1996. The band was formed by Joey Burns and John Convertino, who had previously played together in the band Giant Sand. Calexico has toured and performed at various festivals, including the Montreux and North Sea Jazz Festivals. They have also collaborated with artists such as Neko Case, Victoria Williams, and Richard Buckner. The band's sound has evolved over time, with a revolving cast of musicians and instruments contributing to their varied releases.

The name "Calexico" comes from the city of Calexico, California, which is located on the border between California and Mexico.

Experience the unique blend of musical styles and influences that Calexico brings to their music. From their early collaborations with Giant Sand to their diverse discography, this American band continues to captivate audiences with their evolving sound.


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