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Carla Bozulich

Carla Bozulich is an American experimental musician and multi-media artist based in Los Angeles. She is best known as the lead singer, lyricist, and founder of *The Geraldine Fibbers* and *Evangelista*. Carla has also co-founded several other bands including Neon Veins (her first band), *Scarnella*, the Night Porter, and *Constellation*. Her unique style blends elements of rock, folk, and avant-garde music to create hauntingly beautiful compositions.

With a career spanning over three decades, Carla has collaborated with numerous acclaimed artists such as Efrim Manuel Menuck (*Godspeed You! Black Emperor*), Jackie O Motherfucker, and Lisa Germano. Her work has been compared to that of Sun City Girls, Bardo Pond, and Silver Mt. Zion.

Carla's music pushes boundaries and challenges traditional notions of genre. Her emotionally charged performances captivate audiences worldwide. Whether she's delivering powerful vocals or experimenting with unconventional sounds, Carla Bozulich continues to redefine what it means to be an artist in the modern music landscape.


Carla Bozulich
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