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Carpathian Forest

Carpathian Forest is a black metal band that was formed in 1992 by Nattefrost and Nordavind. With their unique blend of guitar and vocal talents, they have become a prominent force in the music industry. Influenced by other notable artists such as Gorgoroth, Immortal, and Mayhem, Carpathian Forest has created a sound that is both dark and captivating.

Their music draws inspiration from the depths of darkness, exploring themes of death, despair, and the occult. With their intense lyrics and powerful performances, Carpathian Forest has gained a dedicated following of fans who appreciate their raw energy and authentic approach to black metal.

Known for their distinctive style and stage presence, Carpathian Forest continues to push boundaries within the genre. Their discography includes albums such as "Black Shining Leather" and "Defending the Throne of Evil," which showcase their talent for creating atmospheric and haunting compositions.


Carpathian Forest
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