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Celtic Frost

Celtic Frost was formed in 1984 in Birchwil, Zurich, Switzerland by Tom G. Warrior and Martin Eric Ain. The band's sound evolved from proto-black metal to incorporating classical influences and avant-garde elements. Despite facing criticism for their album "Cold Lake", Celtic Frost continued to push boundaries with their music. After disbanding in 1992, the band resurrected in 2006 with a new lineup and released "Monotheist". However, Thomas G. Fischer announced his departure from the band in 2008, leading to the definite end of Celtic Frost.

Throughout their career, Celtic Frost had various members including Ron Marks, Oliver Amberg, Stephen Priestly, Reed St. Mark, Curt Victor Bryant, Erol Unala, Anders Odden among others. Their unique and ambitious style made them a prominent figure in the metal scene.

Despite their ups and downs over the years, Celtic Frost's influence on the genre remains undeniable. Their ability to constantly evolve and experiment with different musical styles set them apart from other bands of their time.


Celtic Frost
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