Charlie Moothart, Michael Anderson, Tyler Frome, and Thomas Alvarez make up the talented band *CFM*. With their unique blend of garage rock and psychedelic influences, *CFM* has carved out a distinct sound that sets them apart from other artists in the industry. Drawing inspiration from bands like Meatbodies, Gøggs, and Ty Segall, *CFM* delivers energetic performances filled with catchy hooks and infectious melodies.

*CFM*'s music is characterized by their raw and gritty guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and driving rhythms. Their songs are a perfect balance of intensity and melody, keeping listeners hooked from start to finish. Fans of Cory Hanson, Acid Dad, or White Fence will find themselves drawn to *CFM*'s captivating sound.

With a discography that includes albums such as "Still Life Of Citrus And Slime" and "Soundtrack To An Empty Room," *CFM* has established themselves as an influential force in the indie rock scene. Whether you're a fan of Fuzz's heavy sound or Thee Oh Sees' garage punk vibe, *CFM* offers something for everyone who appreciates authentic rock music with a modern twist.


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