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Charlie Megira

Gabriel “Gabi” Abudraham (10 October 1972-5 November 2016, Berlin, Germany), also known by his stage-name Charlie Megira, was an Israeli singer and songwriter. With a unique blend of influences ranging from *Psychic TV* to *Suicide*, Megira's music was both familiar and entirely alien at once. His sound captivated audiences with its raw energy and haunting melodies.

Throughout his career, Megira drew inspiration from a diverse range of artists such as *Les Rallizes Dénudés*, *Robert Lester Folsom*, and *Vincent Gallo*. His music defied categorization, encompassing elements of rock, punk, and experimental genres. Megira's distinct style resonated with listeners who appreciated his boundary-pushing approach to songwriting.

Megira's discography includes notable albums like "Love Police" and "Tomorrow's Gone." His songs showcased his ability to create atmospheric soundscapes while delivering poignant lyrics that explored themes of love, loss, and existentialism. Despite his untimely passing in 2016, Charlie Megira's musical legacy continues to inspire new generations of artists.


Charlie Megira
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