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Chick Corea was an American jazz composer, arranger, keyboardist, percussionist, bandleader and recording artist of southern Italian descent. Born on June 12, 1941 in Chelsea, Boston, Massachusetts, he was a prolific musician who played various genres including Bebop, Post Bop, Free Jazz, Latin Jazz and Crossover. He became known for his contributions to Jazz Rock and Fusion in the 1970s as both a solo artist and member of bands such as Return to Forever and Circle.

In his youth, Chick Corea marched as a lead soprano bugle soloist in a drum and bugle corps called St. Rose Scarlet Lancers of Chelsea. Influenced by bebop music, he started his professional career in the early 60s and recorded his first album in 1966 (not released until 1968). His well-received trio Post Bop album "Now He Sings Now He Sobs" with drummer Roy Haynes and bass player Miroslav Vitous marked the beginning of his groundbreaking musical journey.

Throughout his career, Chick Corea explored various styles of music including Latin American acoustic and electronic music as well as classical influences. He utilized instruments such as piano, electric piano and Minimoog to create innovative fusion sounds. His dedication to touring, recording and collaborating with numerous musicians earned him recognition with 25 Emmys. Tragically passing away from cancer on February


Chick Corea
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