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Chilly Gonzales

Born in Canada, Chilly Gonzales is a Berlin-based futuristic entertainer who combines hip-hop, electro-funk, lounge and new-age goofiness to create his ironic and often surreal musical pastiches. In his teen years, he was influenced by *Frankie Goes To Hollywood*. He recorded two albums as part of rock/pop outfit Son - 'Thriller' and 'Wolfstein'. Nowadays he's living in Cologne, Germany, working as a producer and pianist.

Chilly Gonzales draws inspiration from a variety of artists including *Sébastien Tellier*, *Nils Frahm*, *Chapelier Fou*, "Dustin O'Halloran", *Sylvain Chauveau* and many more. His unique style has garnered him a dedicated following around the world.

With his eclectic blend of genres and playful approach to music, Chilly Gonzales continues to captivate audiences with his innovative soundscapes. Whether performing as a solo artist or collaborating with other musicians, his talent as both a producer and pianist shines through in every composition.


Chilly Gonzales
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