Circle Jerks

The Circle Jerks are an American punk rock band that was formed in 1979 by vocalist Keith Morris and guitarist Greg Hetson. Throughout their career, the band has experienced multiple breakups and reunions, often with different bassists and drummers.

Currently, the band consists of original members Keith Morris on vocals and Greg Hetson on guitars, as well as Zander Schloss on bass and Joey Castillo on drums. Zander Schloss joined the band in 1984 and has been a consistent member since then.

Over the years, the Circle Jerks have influenced and been influenced by other notable punk rock bands such as Adolescents, Germs, T.S.O.L., Black Flag, Reagan Youth, Agent Orange, Angry Samoans, Fear, D.I., OFF!, Gang Green, Youth Brigade, Zero Boys Government Issue Bad Brains Wasted Youth JFA MDC 7 Seconds Dead Kennedys


Circle Jerks
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