Cleaners From Venus

Cleaners From Venus is an influential English lo-fi pop band formed in the early 1980s by *Martin Newell*. Known for their distinctive sound and poetic lyrics, they have been a significant presence in the indie music scene. Their music draws inspiration from various genres including post-punk, jangle pop, and psychedelic rock.

With a cult following that continues to grow, Cleaners From Venus has had a profound impact on alternative music. Their unique blend of catchy melodies and introspective songwriting has influenced artists such as *Television Personalities*, *The Bats*, and *Felt*. The band's discography includes numerous critically acclaimed albums like "On Any Normal Monday" and "Midnight Cleaners".

Characterized by their DIY ethos, Cleaners From Venus exemplifies the spirit of independent music. They were pioneers in home recording techniques, using simple equipment to create lo-fi masterpieces. Their raw and unpolished sound resonates with listeners who appreciate authenticity and genuine artistic expression.


Cleaners From Venus
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