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Cola Boy was a duo consisting of Janey Lee Grace and Andrew Midgley. They gained recognition in the late 1980s for their studio work with Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs before forming Cola Boy. Janey, a former backing singer for various pop acts, including [a17641] and Patsy Kensit’s [a74481], brought her vocal talent to the duo. Their first single, "7 Ways," featured vocals by [a36147] on the original white label version but was later re-recorded with Janey's vocals due to contractual obligations. The success of this track led to a deal with Arista Records.

Despite their initial success, Cola Boy's second single, "He Is Cola," did not perform well commercially. This marked the end of their contract with Arista Records, and the duo decided to part ways. While Janey wanted to continue working on new material as Cola Boy, Andrew pursued a different musical direction with his project Blinder.

Blinder achieved some cult success on the northern England and Scottish rave circuit before disbanding in 1993. Following this, Andrew transitioned into journalism and composing music for television.


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