Colour Revolt

Colour Revolt is an influential artist in the alternative rock genre. With a sound that combines elements of indie rock and post-hardcore, their music is characterized by powerful vocals, intricate guitar work, and emotionally charged lyrics. Drawing inspiration from bands like The Snake The Cross The Crown and Anathallo, Colour Revolt has carved out their own unique sound that resonates with fans around the world.

Known for their energetic live performances and raw emotional intensity, Colour Revolt has gained a dedicated following over the years. Their music explores themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, creating a deeply personal connection with listeners. With albums like "Plunder Beg & Curse" and "The Cradle", they have proven themselves as talented songwriters who can craft both anthemic rockers and introspective ballads.

If you're a fan of artists such as O'Brother or As Tall As Lions, then Colour Revolt's music is sure to resonate with you. Their discography showcases their evolution as musicians while staying true to their roots. Whether you're looking for catchy hooks or thought-provoking lyrics, Colour Revolt delivers it all with passion and authenticity.


Colour Revolt
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