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Com Truise

Producer and designer Seth Haley, born and raised in upstate New York and currently based in Los Angeles, California. With a unique blend of *Neon Indian*, *Brothertiger*, and *Blackbird Blackbird* influences, Com Truise has carved out his own space in the electronic music scene. His sound is characterized by dreamy synth melodies, nostalgic 80s vibes, and intricate production techniques.

Com Truise's music transports listeners to a world filled with retro-futuristic landscapes and neon-lit cityscapes. Drawing inspiration from artists like *Small Black*, *Washed Out*, and *Teen Daze*, he creates lush soundscapes that captivate audiences with their ethereal beauty.

Known for his attention to detail, Com Truise's tracks are meticulously crafted sonic journeys that take listeners on an immersive experience. His discography includes standout releases such as "Galactic Melt" and "In Decay," which showcase his ability to create mesmerizing electronic compositions.


Com Truise
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