Creation Rebel

Creation Rebel is a UK based group of reggae musicians. They are highly regarded in the reggae music scene and have been used as a backing band by various reggae singers when touring the UK. Additionally, they have served as the 'house' band for Adrian Sherwood's Hitrun and On-U Sound labels. Their unique sound and musical talent have made them a sought-after group in the industry.

With influences from dub, reggae, and other genres, Creation Rebel has created a distinct style that sets them apart from other artists. Their collaborations with renowned performers such as *Dub Syndicate*, *New Age Steppers*, *Dennis Bovell*, and *African Head Charge* have further solidified their reputation in the music world.

As part of Adrian Sherwood's projects, Creation Rebel has contributed to numerous successful albums released under his labels. Their contributions can also be found alongside esteemed artists like *Bim Sherman*, *Singers And Players*, *Twilight Circus Dub Sound System*, and many others who have worked with Sherwood over the years.


Creation Rebel
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