Crippled Black Phoenix

Crippled Black Phoenix is a rock group hailing from the United Kingdom. Their music spans across various genres including progressive rock, post-rock, ambient, experimental rock, and macabre rock. Led by Justin Greaves on electric guitar, drums, saw, keyboard, e-bow, percussion, acoustic guitar, piano, banjo and backing vocals; Belinda Kordic on vocals and lyrics; Helen Stanley on piano, trumpet, synth and vocals; Andy Taylor on guitar; and Joel Segerstedt on vocals and lyrics.

With their unique blend of musical styles and diverse instrumentation, Crippled Black Phoenix has carved out a distinct sound that sets them apart from other artists in the industry. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of influences and incorporating elements of different genres into their music.

For fans of *Long Distance Calling*, *Junius*, *If These Trees Could Talk*, *Russian Circles* and more - Crippled Black Phoenix offers an immersive listening experience that takes you on a sonic journey through their atmospheric compositions. With thought-provoking lyrics delivered by Belinda Kordic's captivating vocals combined with the instrumental prowess of the band members.


Crippled Black Phoenix
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