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Das EFX is a rap duo consisting of Andre "Drayz" Weston and Willie "Skoob" Hines. Originally from Brooklyn, NY and Teaneck, NJ respectively, they joined forces while attending Virginia State University. After impressing EPMD at a talent contest, the duo was signed to their label and became part of EPMD's Hit Squad group. Das EFX quickly gained prominence in the hardcore rap scene with their debut album Dead Serious, which went platinum. Their unique style of fast lyrics incorporating the word "diggety" became widely imitated but ultimately hindered their own success.

Both hailing from Brooklyn, NY (Skoob) and Teaneck, NJ (Drayz), Das EFX formed during their time at Virginia State University. They caught the attention of EPMD after placing second in a talent contest judged by them and were subsequently signed to the label. Joining EPMD's Hit Squad group of rappers propelled Das EFX to become key players in the hardcore rap scene.

Their first album Dead Serious made an immediate impact with its innovative style that featured rapid-fire lyrics punctuated by frequent use of the word "diggety." The album achieved platinum status and solidified Das EFX as pioneers in hip-hop. Straight Up Sewaside followed soon after, further showcasing their distinct sound. However, as other artists began emulating their style, Das EFX's originality became diluted


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