De Lux

De Lux is an American post-disco musical duo hailing from Los Angeles. With their infectious blend of funky basslines, catchy melodies, and groovy rhythms, *De Lux* has carved out a unique space in the music scene. Since 2017, they have been contracted with Innovative Leisure, a renowned record label known for its commitment to showcasing cutting-edge talent.

Inspired by the likes of *Holy Ghost!*, *Cut Copy*, and *Classixx*, De Lux brings a fresh take on the disco-infused sound. Their music transports listeners to a nostalgic era while adding their own modern twist. The duo's captivating live performances have garnered them a dedicated fanbase around the world.

With each release, De Lux continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories. Their discography includes critically acclaimed albums such as "Generation" and "More Disco Songs About Love," which showcase their versatility as musicians and songwriters. Whether you're dancing at a club or listening in your headphones, De Lux's music is sure to get you moving.


De Lux
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