Deicide is a death metal band hailing from Tampa, Florida (USA). Formed in 1987 by drummer Steve Asheim and guitarist brothers Eric and Brian Hoffman, the band initially went by the name "Carnage" before changing to "Amon" with the addition of bassist/vocalist Glen Benton. In 1989, they settled on the name Deicide. The band gained mainstream recognition in 1992 with their album Legion, becoming one of the top-selling death metal bands of the Soundscan Era. Known for their controversial and sacrilegious lyrics, Deicide has faced bans, lawsuits, and criticism from religious groups and the public.

In 2004, the Hoffman brothers departed from Deicide and reformed their previous band Amon. However, Glen Benton and Steve Asheim have remained constant members since its inception. Over the years, Kevin Quirion has joined as a guitarist intermittently between 2008-2010 and since 2011. Taylor Nordberg recently joined as a guitarist in 2022.

With an influential presence in the death metal scene for over three decades now, Deicide continues to deliver their unique brand of extreme music that pushes boundaries while sparking controversy.


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