Deru, also known as Benjamin Wynn, is an ambient/IDM artist hailing from the USA. Born in Chicago, Illinois and currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Deru has established himself as a prominent figure in the music industry. With a degree in Music Technology from the prestigious California Institute of the Arts, Deru's expertise shines through his captivating compositions.

As a member of The Echo Society collective, Deru continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories. His unique soundscapes have garnered him a dedicated following and critical acclaim. Drawing inspiration from various genres and blending them seamlessly together, Deru creates immersive musical experiences that transport listeners to another realm.

Influenced by artists such as Loess, Proem, Infinite Scale, Ochre, Secede, Arovane and many more; Deru's music resonates with fans who appreciate intricate melodies and thought-provoking atmospheres. Whether you're seeking introspective intros or energetic beats that make you move your feet; Deru's discography offers something for everyone.


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We Will Live On


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