DeYarmond Edison

DeYarmond Edison is a band formed by friends from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Led by guitarist and vocalist Justin Vernon, who later created Bon Iver, the band also included Brad Cook on bass and guitar, Phil Cook on keyboards and banjo, and Joe Westerlund on percussion. They started playing together in 2002 after meeting at a music festival and bonding at a jazz camp. Their music blends folk and Americana with modern atmospheric and electronic elements. After recording two albums in Eau Claire, they moved to Raleigh, North Carolina but eventually broke up due to musical differences. Vernon went on to create Bon Iver while the other members formed Megafaun.

After the breakup of DeYarmond Edison, Vernon retreated to his father's cabin in Wisconsin where he produced the critically acclaimed album "For Emma, Forever Ago" under the name Bon Iver. The remaining members of DeYarmond Edison formed Megafaun and released their own album called "Bury the Square." Chris Porterfield, another former member of DeYarmond Edison, spent five years working on his solo project Field Report before releasing it in 2012.

Although no longer active as a band, DeYarmond Edison left behind an unreleased EP that can be downloaded for free from their MySpace page. Their legacy lives on through the success of Bon Iver and Megafaun as well as Field Report's unique sound.


DeYarmond Edison
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