Disturbed is a metal/rock band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Formed in 1994 as "Brawl," the band underwent a transformation when vocalist David Draiman joined in 1996. With Draiman's addition, they rebranded themselves as Disturbed and embarked on a musical journey that has captivated fans worldwide.

The current lineup of Disturbed consists of *David Draiman* on vocals, *Dan Donegan* on guitar, *John Moyer* on bass guitar and backing vocals, and *Mike Wengren* on drums. Together, they create an explosive sound that pushes boundaries and resonates with their devoted fanbase.

Over the years, Disturbed has solidified their place in the music industry with their powerful performances and thought-provoking lyrics. Their unique blend of metal and rock influences sets them apart from other bands in the genre. Drawing inspiration from life experiences and societal issues, Disturbed delivers raw emotion through their music.


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