DJ Seinfeld

Armand is an electronic music producer originally from Malmö, Sweden and currently based in Barcelona, Spain. He discovered his passion for making music while studying in Edinburgh, where he found solace in experimenting with sounds on his laptop. Encouragement from friends and the fear of a conventional 9-5 lifestyle drove him to pursue music further upon returning to Malmö. After a move to Barcelona and the end of a relationship, Armand found inspiration in watching classic American sitcoms, which led him to create music under the name DJ Seinfeld.

DJ Seinfeld initially started as a temporary side project but gained momentum when Lobster Theremin released his Season 1 EP towards the end of 2016. Despite initial skepticism due to its playful artwork and track titles like "Feel de Bum Slap," DJ Seinfeld's unique style became associated with the ironic "lo-fi house" trend alongside artists like Ross from Friends and DJ Boring. This media attention propelled his career forward, resulting in releases on labels such as Natural Sciences, E-Beamz, Endotherm, and his debut full-length album Time Spent Away from U on Lobster Fury in November 2017.

With roots firmly planted in both Sweden and Spain, DJ Seinfeld continues to captivate audiences with his distinctive sound that blends nostalgia with modern electronic beats. His journey from laptop experimentation to international recognition showcases his dedication and talent as an artist.


DJ Seinfeld
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DJ Seinfeld

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