Dj Shadow

DJ Shadow, born Joshua Paul Davis in 1972, is an American record producer and DJ. He gained recognition with his debut album "Endtroducing......" and is known for his experimental instrumental hip-hop style. With a personal record collection of over 60,000 records, DJ Shadow has been credited as a key figure in developing the genre. Inspired by early hip-hop artists like Eric B. & Rakim and Public Enemy, he co-founded his own label Solesides while in university. Throughout his career, DJ Shadow has released several albums and collaborated with notable artists.

In 1996, DJ Shadow released his critically acclaimed debut album "Endtroducing......," followed by the compilation "Preemptive Strike" in 1998. He went on to produce tracks for U.N.K.L.E.'s debut album featuring Thom Yorke and Richard Ashcroft. In 2002, he released his second production album "The Private Press." Over the years, DJ Shadow continued to release mix albums and live recordings.

Between 2007 and 2009, DJ Shadow released three volumes of "The 4-Track Era Collection," showcasing his earliest recordings exclusively through his web store. He also collaborated with Cut Chemist on mixes that fused soul, funk, and rock using only 45 rpm records. In addition to his solo projects, DJ Shadow was involved with the video game DJ Hero as a playable character.


Dj Shadow
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