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Do Make Say Think

Do Make Say Think is a Toronto-based instrumental rock band that formed in 1995-96. They released their self-titled debut CD in 1997, which was later re-issued by Constellation Records. The band consists of four founding members - *Ohad Benchetrit*, *James Payment*, *Justin Small*, and *Charles Spearin* - with additional members joining over the years.

Known for their highly original blend of psych, jazz, punk, and electronica, Do Make Say Think consistently delivers critically acclaimed albums that push the boundaries of post-rock. Their music combines noise, narrative depth, compositional skill, inventive mixing and editing techniques, and melodic hooks to create compelling instrumental rock.

The band has garnered a dedicated following in North America and Europe through extensive touring across continents. They have also fostered collaborations within other groups such as *Justin's messy garage-soul rave-up* and Charles' and Ohad's work together in playing and producing. Do Make Say Think continues to record independently at their own studio in Toronto.


Do Make Say Think
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